Registration Opens for Closed Beta #2 Set to Begin on July 18th

Nexon America has announced how the second closed beta event for MapleStory 2 will commence on July 18th. Interested players and fans can head to the action's official site to register for MapleStory 2 Mesos just a chance being selected. Players should expect to find "content updates, control improvements and new World Quests" dependant on player feedback after CBT1.

During Closed Beta 2, players will likely be in a position to take part in Mushking Royale, MapleStory 2's own take within the battle royale genre. From July 20-22, nearly 50 players will be competent to duke it out on the last one standing. Clever players will be competent to "climb on walls, jump through obstacles, hide in bushes and rase a character's strength by defeating monsters".

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