Everything you need to know about the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Every year, Apple produce some tech devices that leave the world in surprise. Apple is not only fond of making futurist gadgets but loves to host gorgeous tech events. One of which is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It is the biggest event in the history of the Apple world.  Any Apple fan wouldn’t miss it for the world. This year’s Apple's WWDC will kick off June 3 in San Jose, which means this remarkable event will take place in San Jose Convention Center, California, USA. As the date is coming near people are jumping with excitement.

WWDC being Apple’s biggest event creates a flow of joy, excitement, and hype between the fans and the other companies. So everybody wishes to know what this year’s worldwide developer’s conference will look like.

The opening keynote speech of the WWDC will reveal all the main details and updates about the software and products that might release in the conference. There might be hardware unveiling too. Like the WWDC 2017 launched the HomePod and also three iPhones models made their debut at the event. So there might be many surprises waiting for you in the WWDC.

So here is everything you should know about the dates, times, venue, what to expect, tickets, how to watch online and much more.

WWDC 2019 dates and times

The biggest event of, WWDC, will be held on 3rd June till 7th June. The event will take place at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, like all the past year’s event.

WWDC will last for a whole week and will have productive workshops and networking events for the developers as it is a developer conference. You shouldn’t miss the keynote speech. Why? Because keynote speech will hold all the big revelations and announcements in the two long hours on the day first of the conference. The expected time for the keynote speech will be 10 am Pacific Time on 3rd June and 6 pm BST for the people in the UK.

How to watch WWDC 2019

Have some other important plans that can’t be canceled? No problem. The keynotes speech of WWDC can be seen later after the event, on Apple’s website. It will be later posted online. You can watch the WWDC 2018 keynote speech here.

Expected announcement of WWDC 2019

There are certain expectations of the fans from Apple’s WWDC 2019. As it is a developer’s event so it’s main focus is software. And also the new Apple’s operating system. There will be more Apple’s products to talk about at the event.

iOS 13

Apple always launched the best iOS for iPhones and iPads. This time Apple planned on launching iOS 13. The platform of iOS has been strictly controlled. At WWDC 2019, developers will be keen to see keynote and find out what new app features they are allowed to offer the customers. It is a big deal though for the customers as well. As they can go through a change in their iPads and iPhone experience. Like it happened with iOS 7 in 2013 or the speed boost in the last year’s iOS.

In June, you will get this fun update, and rumor has it that Apple will be pushing back some of iOS 12 features to improve stability and speed.

MacOS 10.15

If we are talking about Apple’s four OS platforms then MacOS is also included. Macs and MacBooks are run by MacOS. In WWDC 2019, we will know more about MacOS 10.15 which is a follow up to MacOS Mojave. This update might offer better unification between iOS and MacOS, though Apple already told that apps porting from one iOS device to another will get easier.

tvOS 13

This is an operating system used to run fourth generation and 4k versions of Apple TV. This year’s WWDC will release tvOS 13 but it might not get stage time. Getting stage time for its release depends on how much other things are there to talk about.

To get a blurry idea of what tvOS 13 might offer, check out the tvOS 12's new features? 


Worldwide developer’s conference 2019 is not just about the operating systems. As there have been many major hardware launches at past WWDC. But none at the 2018 event. So people are hoping that Apple will use this chance to fresh up its Mac Lineup.

The current Mac Pro was launched at WWDC in June 2013, and almost six years after that, New Mac Pro will be launched. This might prove to be a game changer for creative professionals. Launch of 16-inch MacBook Pro with a 4K display can be expected.

Get tickets to WWDC 2019

Apple wants all of you to come that is why WWDC tickets are getting assigned by the lottery. But even if you win the lottery, you will be paying the entrance fee that is $1,599, consistent from the last three years.

You have all the relevant information about the WWDC 2019, so either grab your tickets and wait for it or miss it and watch it later online.

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