Drape Wall Seepage Prevention Methods

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Drape Wall Seepage Prevention Methods
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 There are three standard conditions that cause normal water seepage and water leakage inside the curtain wall: there tend to be pores; there is mineral water; there is a demand difference of seepage breaks. Eliminating one or more of those basic conditions is the right way to prevent water leakage: Initial, minimize pores The second would be to block the rain so that it doesn't stop here wet the gap if you can ,; the third is to cut back the wind pressure difference with the wetted gap.

1In your curtain wall aluminum profile, a small hole flowing towards the outside is opened, along with the water entering the curtain wall over the small gap is collected and discharged outside your curtain wall, and several water in the isostatic chamber involving the glass, the aluminum profile and also the aluminum buckle is cleared.

2 When designing, it's also conceivable to set in place collecting pipes and drainage pipes to the tempered insulated glass curtain wall, collect the lake that has penetrated into the cracks into the curtain wall, and smoothly discharge them to your designated drainage hole over the drainage pipe.

3 Employ high-quality structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant, wall structure edge glue, and strengthen inspection to stop expiration. Use high-quality float glass, glass must often be edge treated, glass size error meets standard requirements.

4 Pay attention to controlling the utilization environment of the sealant. It is strictly forbidden to carry out the construction of weather-resistant silicone sealant in the open air. The indoor temperature probably should not be higher than 27 °C, and the relative humidity can't be lower than 50%. Prior to the injection, the aluminum body, glass or gap will probably be Dust, oil stains, loose objects and various dirt are removed. Immediately after injection, the material ought to be embedded and compacted, the surface need to be flat, and the maintenance should be strengthened to prevent hand mold and water flushing.

5 Based on the requirements of the specification, the waterproof curtain leakage performance inspection ought to be carried out in the process of construction of this glass curtain wall so that you can repair and control the quality of the curtain wall.

6 The product quality inspection of glass curtain wall is divided in two types: concealed acceptance and engineering acceptance. Concealed acceptance is accomplished after the installation with aluminum profile frame. It mainly checks the firmness in the connection steel code, and checks the installation with the gap node with the key structure of the curtain wall, installation of enlargement joints, etc. 2. The engineering acceptance is carried out after the completion of the glass curtain wall task.

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