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Right before the end of yesterday's TI 7 flow, Valve has prepared a  check it   special presentation. Everybody was interested to find out what's that all about as nobody on the host's board didn't give a heads up on what's going to come.Then, out of nowhere, PUSS of BOOTS appears on the display as a Principal role in the demonstration. I am only kidding, I do not know the real title of the Hero, but I know he'll be coming together with all the Dueling Fates Update which will be scheduled be published later TI 7.


Leveraging the yummy licensing arrangement it's with video games manufacturer Valve ( the latter's assets become fair game for reproduction), Shapeways is currently partnering with online digital art community Polycount for a competition inspired by Valve movie game Dota 2.Members of the Shapeways and Polycount communities are encouraged to design new 3D printable versions (and therefore goods to sell on the site) around five categories: sculpture, jewelry, toys, gadgets and props and cosplay.


It's no easy case of designing and tagging an entrance once uploaded into Shapeways though. As part of the entrance guidelines, founders must show the design more hints  envolution of their entry via a "work-in-progress" thread from the Shapeways forums.Although it's the artistic prowess of the Polycount community that'll be growing that the Dota 2 model count on Shapeways, the 3D printing platform itself will be the only judge of this competition.

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Some of the proceeds went straight to The International and Majors prize pools. But with the debut of the Dota 2 Pro, Valve claims it is replacing the Battle Passes using a new kind of service that does not depend on a specific start and finish date.People who register for Dota Plus can earn additional reading a new currency named Shards during matches. They are used to unlock rewards. Plus members can also make XP towards a hero's amount progress in each game and experience a set of hero-specific challenges.